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The game that revives your favorite quotes, catchphrases and lines from the rich and famous that exemplifies the freedom of speech. You are ready to play this game if you know these quotes... He shot me in my pinky toe. If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit. King Kong ain't got sh*t on me. You ain't got to lie, Craig. 86 Quote cards, 4 Go cards and 16 Decision cards.


Instructions: Pick a host responsible for reading Quote cards. Form a minimum of 3 teams. Give each team one Go card and a set of A to D Decision cards. When the host starts to read a card, the first team to raise their Go Card can blurt the answer out. If that team blurts an incorrect answer, they forfeit their turn for that question, giving other teams the chance to listen to the entire question and use their Decision cards to pick an answer. One point is added to a team for each correct answer and one point is subtracted for each incorrect answer. Answers are in gold text. The first team to reach 10 points wins. If a Go card is not raised the host will read the card in its entirety. The host will prompt teams when to show their Decision cards.


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