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BLACK owned. CAUTION: This game contains adult content. The 1st of 3 volumes. The game that highlights stereotypes of urban culture, says everything that you hear behind closed doors and reflects on how you grew up. You are ready to play this game if you know: 1) What to do when you see people run 2) A New Yorker’s favorite word 3) What snitches get 4) What the PJ’s mean 4) What not to do at a cookout. The objective of the game is to not lose points by predicting what answers the opposing teams will select. Comes with 4 Passports, a gold box, 78 trivia cards (categories: THUG Life (8), Entertainment (20), Lifestyle (42), History (8)), plays up to 24 people. Instructions: Pick a host responsible for reading cards and keeping score. Form three or more teams and give them one set of A, B, C, D Decision cards. Teams show Decision cards at the same time. Cards with Facts (24) have answers captured in bold. Cards with Majority Vote (54) can only have one A, B, C, D answer. Teams that tie on Majority Vote cards don’t lose a point. The majority vote determines the answer. All of the above is not a valid answer. Teams start with 10 points and lose a point for incorrect answers. The last team with points wins and gets a Passport To The Hood.


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